Jeff Jones with a 30" lake trout
Chris Demchuck with a 28 1/2 " lake trout, caught it in 10' of water
Forgot about the guide
Mike Utterback with a typical smallmouth at this time of year.
Tim Jensen with a 28" walleye
Butch Jensen with a 24.5"walleye
Jenny and Marina with dinner
Ed Carlson with a 33" walleye
Connor Whitting with a nice Smallmouth
Stacy Carlson with a 21" Smallmouth
George, Jim & Connor Whitting
Dennis Brisson with a 20.5" Largemouth Bass
Michael Wise with a 52" Muskie
John Dorris with a big SMALLIE
Tim with a 30" walleye
30.5" Walleye
Eric with a 28" walleye
Ken with a 42" Northern
Doug Weisenberger with a 29 3/4" walleye
Jolie at shorelunch
Jeff with a 30" walleye